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At Humboldt NeuroHealth, our Mission is to cultivate wellness by supporting the healing and strengthening of individuals and families in order to lift and empower our community. Our vision is to increase mental health services and to partner with other providers to fully serve Humboldt County mental health.

Humboldt NeuroHealth is located in the unceded ancestral territory and current homeland of the Wiyot Tribe

Our Brains are naturally wired for healing 




Retrain your brain 

Individualized treatment and support for families of adopted youth with serious emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs.

Several different modalities available to help with  emotional distress and improve mental health.

Get to the Root of Your Trauma so You can Thrive Again

Our brains are incredible. They help us function through our days, form our thoughts, and experience our emotions. Our brains are also constantly rewiring based on our perceptions and experiences. 


This “flexible rewiring”, or neuroplasticity, is good news—it means we can heal from trauma and negative patterns keeping us from living a more fulfilling and successful life. 


At Humboldt Neurohealth, we use cutting edge and research-based approaches to help your brain become more regulated! We are wholeheartedly committed to our clients, tenacious in our approach, and committed to guiding you in your own journey towards thriving. 



“I completed several sessions of Neurofeedback and individual counseling. It's definitely worth it to try out Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback helped lower my overall stress response and prepared me to take on EMDR. I highly recommend this practice if you are seeking a trauma-informed clinician who demonstrates great empathy and overall understanding. Thanks, Humboldt NeuroHealth for helping me in a time of great need!”

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