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Job Openings

All jobs listed below come with benefits! 

  • 401k and matching

  • Paid medical benefits

  • Dental and Vison 

  • Flexible Hours 

  • Employee Assistance Program 

  • Paid time off

  • We are NHSC approved site for a loan repayment

Please send your resume to for all positions

Clinician- ASW, AMFT, or Licensed 

We're looking for Licensed Therapist/ASW/AMFT who provides individual therapy.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provides ongoing individual counseling to assigned clients in a clinically appropriate manner that meets the needs of the individual client

  • Works to develop rapport and a good working relationships with clients and addresses behaviors that interfere with progress in treatment

  • Establishes and maintains professional boundaries while working with all clients and maintains confidentiality

  • Continually assesses client for lack of progress, progress, or emergent needs and addresses those clinically as they arise

  • Actively engages in problem solving issues that arise involving client care to an appropriate resolution

  • Produces high quality assessments, in a timely manner, including information from other sources

  • Develops clinically sound treatment plans based on the client needs

  • Completes clinical reviews/transition plans accurately and timely reflecting the progress or lack of over the review period

  • Updates treatment plans throughout the treatment process as clinically appropriate and according to established time frames

  • Demonstrates effective organizational skills regarding flow of paperwork related to the client chart (signatures, authorizations, releases,etc)

  • Establishes and communicates goals with the clients to assist them in moving through the levels of care

  • Works with all members of the primary treatment team as well as department treatment team to ensure positive communication regarding coordination of client care

  • Works with external providers to ensure positive communication regarding coordination of client care

  • Presents information regarding clients in a concise, accurate, clinical manner identifying progress or lack thereof (tx team meeting, authorizations, mini staffing, etc.)

  • Works with client or external supports to engage a client’s support system in the treatment process.

  • Other duties as assigned.


Job Type: Full-time


Pay: $25.00 - $45.00 per hour

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