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Dennis Scott

Dennis Scott is the President of the McLean Foundation. He is committed to empowering communities in Eel River Valley and Humboldt County by providing funding, leadership, and support. He first joined the board because he saw how dedicated the clinicians at Humboldt NeuroHealth were when providing such desperately needed healthcare services in our community. If he’s not working, you can find Dennis golfing and spending quality time with his pets. 

Leah Price

Leah Price is a Realtor for Landmark Real Estate. With a passion for finding people their forever homes, Leah is committed to seeing our communities thrive. After seeing how much her own family members benefited from the programs available at Humboldt Neurohealth, she decided to join the board. When she’s not actively searching for someone’s dream home, she meets with the Sunrise Rotary Club, gardens with the Fortuna Garden Club, and spends time with her sweet little grandkids.

Maria Herrera

Maria Herrera is a loan officer with Briton Mortgage. Driven by a passion to help others achieve their dreams of owning their own home, she utilizes her 30+ years of experience in the real estate and lending industry to brighten their path to homeownership. After seeing the service Humboldt NeuroHealth provides for people that need the extra care that conventional medicine can’t provide, Maria decided to join the board and has loved being a part of Humboldt Neurohealth ever since. When out of the office, you’ll find Maria spending time with her family, her number one priority.

Jen Briar Bonpane, LCSW, FNLP, CIHNC

Jen Briar Bonpane is a licensed clinical social worker, integrative health and nutrition coach, and functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner. Her practice is based out of Arcata where she meets with clients in person and through video conferencing. As a clinical therapist and functional nutritionist, she approaches mental health holistically. She works with her clients to address their root causes and to support lifestyle and nutritional changes to improve mental health.


*Also on board: Cheryl Wells


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