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Wraparound takes a team approach to help families whose adopted children are at risk of being uprooted from their homes. We are able to address past trauma and encourage healthy communication and relationship building between youth and their families and peers. The Wraparound Program puts the focus on the needs of the child and their family. 


With the help of your own Wraparound team, (family friends, community members, community agency representatives, service providers, etc...) parents take the lead in determining their family goals and vision. They decide the services and support systems they’ll need to achieve those goals and ultimately attain their vision. 

We all come from different backgrounds, which means we all may need something a little bit different. Families may need parenting assistance and coaching, improved communication and relationship building skills, new ideas to manage a household or guides  to help emphasize the importance of self-care. Sometimes there are therapeutic concerns that are neurological and can’t be helped with traditional therapy. With neurofeedback, QEEG, and other neuro devices we can often help overcome these concerns and help clients  achieve improved brain regulation. This results in a better daily life for clients and their families. No one should feel constrained by their emotions or life circumstances. There is always room for growth. If you and your child are suffering due to past trauma or unhealthy behaviors, Wraparound can help you and your family put the focus back on your hopes and dreams.

More about Wraparound.


Give us a call to set up a phone consultation. We’ll ask you several questions to learn more about your story and discuss how wraparound services can best meet your needs.


Schedule a team meeting  to identify and discuss your family vision and the significant needs and goals of your family.


Together we will create a customized plan of care and support for your family to help meet your goals and attain your vision.

Wraparound FAQ

Wraparound FAQ

What is Wraparound?

The Wraparound process is supported through a state-funded program and is focused primarily on supporting the families of adopted youth who are at high risk of disrupting from their homes and being placed in a higher level of care, such as a long term residential treatment program. This individualized process brings community-based services and supports that “wrap around” a child and their family to help meet their needs. Supports and services offered are based on the strengths, needs, values, and goals that you identify for your family. Once this process is complete, the family can move on with the resources in place to live the life they’ve always dreamed of...together.


What types of therapy and support can be included in Wraparound?

The team works together to select from a wide variety of therapies and support strategies to provide the combination that will best meet the needs of the family. These may include any of the counseling approaches we offer, as well as the support of services from other agencies that provide equine or sports experiences, massage or other self-care, or in-home services like housekeeping or meal services. The Wraparound process addresses past trauma, communication skills, attachment, life skills, and healthy relationship building in order to chart a path forward to a healthier family system. 


How do I know if my family qualifies for Wraparound?

Eligibility for Wraparound varies from county to county. However, if your adoptive family has significant needs for support and services, you may qualify. Please call us to inquire about eligibility.

How long does the Wraparound process take?

Wraparound is typically approved in 18 month increments. During this time, WiredTogether staff will guide your family through a four phase process designed to meet your family’s needs and work toward your long term success.


How does the Wraparound process work?

The Wraparound process is unique for each individual and family. It consists of four basic phases:


  1. Engagement - Getting to know each other and gathering a team
    A Wraparound facilitator will be assigned to your family and work with you to help identify what services and supports you will require to achieve your family’s goals. Your facilitator will make sure everyone’s voice is heard, especially the child or youth who is voicing concerns, needs, and hopes. Together, we’ll brainstorm with other people who can also provide extra support, like teachers, family friends, coaches, therapists, and more.

  2. Planning - Creating a plan for success that you can believe in 
    You and your Wraparound team will work together to create a personalized Wraparound Plan. Your plan will be based on your family’s strengths and needs, and will establish specific goals for your child and family. Once these goals are established, you and your Wraparound team will determine the services, supports and strategies that will best help you achieve these goals, while also determining who is responsible for each strategy.

  3. Implementation - Putting the plan into action 
    Once your plan has been created, each team member will begin working on the strategies they committed to. Your team will meet as often as needed to discuss how everything’s going: what accomplishments have been made, what’s working well, what’s not working and what adjustments can be made to improve results. During this phase, it is extremely important to speak up about what is or isn’t working for you and your family. If something isn’t working, now is the time to come up with new strategies! The plan will likely be updated many times during this phase as progress is made and new priorities are identified. 

  4. Transition - Moving to healthy independence 
    Change doesn’t happen overnight. But as you continue to implement the strategies and supports developed with your team, things will start to shift and your family will experience a new level of stability, connection and freedom. This is a sign that you and your family are ready to transition out of Wraparound. During this phase, we will work with you to ensure you feel comfortable leaving Wraparound and that you are well informed as to how you can continue to access the services and supports your family needs. As the Wraparound process comes to a close, you will be left with a team of supportive, committed people that you can work with to meet your family’s needs on an ongoing basis.

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